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for COVID-19?

1.- Because a SINGLE CANA L provides the TRUTHEST information

It allows gathering information in one place, in times of crisis. It makes it easier for real information to reach citizens through a single route, and thus prevents erroneous, malicious information, or the circulation of hoaxes on social networks

2.- Because it is more Direct, Close and more HUMAN.

Communication with the citizen is essential. In this way, it is transmitted in a more humane way than through a newsletter or a communication on social networks, which provides closeness and above all empathy with the speaker. I mean

Furthermore, it allows the same information to always be transmitted.

I mean

3.- Because it transmits SECURITY

They will receive an audio message on their mobile every day and that is essential in the days of Covid19. That will give you confidence. Something fundamental in times of crisis.

I mean

4.- Because it is SUSTAINABLE.

Allow the digitization of your Body. In trend with the ODS objectives, it allows to reduce waste and paper consumption. It is also in line with other trends such as Screen Less and mobile consumption, since it allows you to listen to it when the citizen wants.

Also in the example of a cultural event, it allows you to change the information or include last minute, without having to print anything or paste new posters, which SAVES COSTS.

I mean

5.- Because it generates Feeling of BELONGING and Cohesion.

In the current framework, more and more companies are opting for teleworking. The podcast is a tool that allows them to interact with members of the city and fosters the feeling of belonging to the group.

I mean

6.- Because it is Innovative and CUTTING EDGE.

Bring your company closer to the concept of SmartCity .

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We put a team of communication professionals at the disposal of each City Council or public body. They will collect the information to transmit daily.

I mean

2.- Easy RECORDING of testimonials

Testimonials can be recorded in any format, including Whtasapp messages, to expedite submission and creation.

I mean

3.- REVIEW before publication

A review system is established prior to publication. It will never be published without express authorization. The podcast will be sent out at least 1 hour before its estimated time of publication, so it can be reviewed by the designated people and make any changes they want.

I mean

4.- CONTENT . Merely informative, DOES NOT INCLUDE opinion.


1.- Where YOU decide. ABSOLUTE PRIVACY

Before starting, you decide where you want to place the information. From the agency's website, through podcast platforms such as Spotify or mp3 file to distribute in WhatsApp or Telegram groups. You will always receive the podcast before its publication and you will give the ok to it to be published.

I mean


We provide a player for the website of the institution. It does not need installation of any kind and allows you to listen to them directly without having to download any application on the mobile phone.

I mean

3.- Podcast PLATFORMS .

We can create the institutional channel on platforms such as Spotify, Ivoox, Apple Podcast or Google Podcast.

I mean


In the current framework, more and more companies are opting for teleworking. The podcast is a tool that allows them to interact with members of the city and fosters the feeling of belonging to the group.

I mean

5.- Messages in Broadcast Lists or Whatsapp and Telegram groups

The MP3 file itself can be provided so that it can be spread on these platforms.

I mean

6.- Custom SCHEDULES

You can choose the publication times to customize them. Every day in the late afternoon with local news or first thing in the morning with daily service information.

I mean



Absolute freedom to decide the information and transmission order of the same. We offer multiple sections to choose from. Local, national and international news. Cultural agenda. Curiosities of history and science, ephemeris of the day. Meteorology. Service information, blocked streets, recommendations of the local police, etc.

I mean


This section is automatically included in all podcasts. This is national or international news related to the fight against Covid-19. Scientific advances, new WHO recommendations, etc.

I mean


You can include first-person testimonies from Mayors or councilors on the number of people affected by Covid in the Town, as well as information from the Local Police on the streets that will be disinfected, and general recommendations in various areas of the city.

I mean

I mean

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